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2135 Ridge Road, Suite 102
Rockwall, TX 75087

Frequently Asked Questions

View a few frequently asked questions below.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?

No, Dr. Turner treats and adjusts each patient according to their needs. Each patients care is uniquely different from every other patient.

Can you see a chiropractor while pregnant?

Yes. Chiropractic care can help with pregnancy discomfort like sciatica, improve the pregnancy overall and make delivery easier.

Is Chiropractic Care safe?

Yes, chiropractic care has an excellent safety record. This is a result of the conservative and natural approach to health.

Why do chiropractors take X-Rays?

X-RAYS reveal the internal structure and alignment of the spine. Another concern is underlying disease or disorders such as spinal deterioration, arthritis, bone spurs, disc disorders, tumors, etc.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

It is the use of a specific force in a precise direction, applied to a joint that is subluxated or “locked up”.

Can you see a chiropractor after back surgery?

Yes. Unfortunately more than half of those with spinal surgery discover a return of their original symptoms. The option of additional surgery isn’t appealing and chiropractic care can help relieve discomfort and prevent surgery.